Thursday, December 31, 2015

Italy STREP Depilatory Cream

Italy STREP Depilatory Cream is a specially formulated cream used to effectively remove unwanted hairs on the Leg, Pubic Area, Armpit, Arms, Chest and Face without causing skin irritation. The result is excellent leaving your skin soft and smooth unlike the use of shaving sticks, blades and clippers. We promise its long lasting effects to inhibit the growth of unwanted hairs.

Package including:
 1 bottle of 75ml strep depilatory cream + 1 bottle of 100ml after strep lotion
 +  doctor-bar to remove the hair + English instruction.

Dedicated to be mild and non-stimulant due to its mild hypo allergenic formula which makes it very suitable for legs, arms, chest, back, armpits and face.  Strep cream contains chamomile extract very good for sensitive and normal skins.
Its application is simple to use, works quickly, removing superfluous hair and leaving a soft and smooth skin.

How to use:
1.     Firstly use warm water to wet the hair area you want to remove.
2.     After spread the Strep hair remover cream onto your skin, leave cream on skin for about 10 minutes.
3.     Then use the doctor bar on the picture to remove the hair off the skin, and then apply the liquid to prevent the hair growing again.
4.     It can be used on face, eyebrows, bikini parts, both hands and foots no irritation.
5.    Suitable to any skin type.
 Best skin Depilatory Cream product recommended for you.
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