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Digital Physiotherapy Machine
The Digital Therapy Massager Machine is a new generation of health Product made in accordance with the principles of physics, Bionics, electro-biology and the theories of traditional Chinese medicine after many years of clinical experiences and development. It has eight simulated functions that make you have the wonderful feeling of Chinese Acupuncture and Stroke, Manipulation, Massage, Immuno therapy, weight reduction, practice of cupping glass and scrapping.

 Function and features
1. Applied with digital technology this unit transfers the digital signal and conducts comprehensive therapy through the computer based on requirement of the body. In this way therapeutic accuracy can be ensured and the therapeutic efficacy can be greatly improved.
2. Equipped with large size led, on which the intensity functions, therapeutic time can be clearly displayed both in Chinese and English.
3.   Use the infrared electrodes pads which cover large area on the body and pass the therapeutic effect that goes deep into your skin, muscles & bone to give instant relief.
4. 8- Therapy modes to select from that combine modern science & technology with traditional Chinese therapy.
5. The fantastic wavy combination enable you feel the impulsive force of massage hammering, cupping glass and Guasha in the body.
6. The diagram of the main and collateral LCD will indicate Instruction for treatment.

 Application of digital therapy machine
The therapeutic effect gives immediate treatment through acupuncture, stroking, cupping, massage, scrapping, manipulation, weight reducing and immune therapy. To cure various chronic diseases like:
high Blood pressurehypertension rheumaticsarthritisper arthritis of the shoulderlumber muscle strainstomach Pain, toothacheneuralgiaabnormal Menstruationimpotence and sexual disorders, etc. It can also be used to overcome overall body fatigueNeurastheniasore waist and aching backpain on neckShoulders and loins with instant relief.
It also has the powerful effects of reducing weight in men/women’s flaccid Belly.
Good for women who desire flat tummy after giving birth to a child.
 It also helps in enlarging breasts by stimulating the mammary gland. It helps to remove acne on the face.


Machine + 2pcs pads+1 set wire+ English manual+color box
 8 level modes, 15 level intensity. 5-15 mins timer

  Languages:  English/Chinese version.


 Not suitable for pregnant women and heart problem patients!

Order for your physiotherapy machine today and experience a happy healthy life!

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Nationwide distribution is acceptable.

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