Sunday, August 16, 2015


AFY stretch mark repair cream

Product Description

How do stretch marks cream work? The stretch marks are nothing but scarring of skin that is a result of stretching skin beyond its capacities. It happens to boys and girls during their puberty stage and mostly women who are pregnant. Men who are into muscle building often face this problem or those who are obese get stretch marks due to the stretching of skin. So how to treat them you ask? Well, not to worry my friend here is a treatment available which I have used and is effective and work faster than you think. It tackles the root cause of stretch marks, which means the treatments help your skin to stay hydrated and thus fade away the red or white lines that appear on the stomach, arms, buttocks, waist, thighs etc. This lovely and effective AFY Repair Cream is a blend of Natural herbs and Mineral oil concentrate to remove Stretch Marks and Scars on your skin due to Weight loss, Childbirth, or Surgery or even natural. This Extra Cream will get rid of Stretch Marks and Scars quickly and safely leaving your renewed, healthy skin. It helps remove damaged skin cells and produce collagen rich new skin where the Stretch Marks were.

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Product Features

1.   Pregnancy / Natural stretch mark repairing cream 100 gram.

2.    Corrects skin pigmentation gives deep fiber cell activation and tissue regeneration. 

3.   Contains natural  herbs formula which is very effective and safe for usage during pregnancy and nursing. 

4.     The newer the stretch mark, the better the result within 28 days.

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